Learn more about the Olam Care Services Team.

Our team is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone associated with Olam Care Services. We continuously strive to improve our safeguarding efforts, ensuring the well-being of all individuals under our care.

Director Field and Field manager

Daniel Mudakureva : Director and Field manager

Daniel holds dual roles as Director and Field Manager at Olam Care. With a decade of experience as a Registered Mental Nurse, he has a deep understanding of healthcare dynamics.

Daniel is driven by a strong desire to create a positive impact within the community through his leadership and expertise. His commitment extends to ensuring high standards of care and fostering meaningful connections with clients and caregivers alike, reflecting his dedication to enhancing the well-being of those he serves.

Victoria Mudakureva Registered Manager

Victoria serves as the Registered Manager of Olam Care, bringing a robust educational background to her role. She holds a degree in Food Science, a Masters degree in Public Health, and is certified with a Level 5 Leadership in Health and Social Care diploma.

Victoria's expertise spans both the scientific and managerial aspects of healthcare, ensuring she is well-equipped to oversee and enhance the care provided at Olam Care. Her leadership qualifications underscore her commitment to maintaining high standards and promoting the well-being of all clients under her supervision.

Managing Director

Olam Care Team Consists of :

Compliance and Training Manager who ensures that all safeguarding policies are up-to-date and strictly followed. Registered Care Manager, who integrates safeguarding policies into daily operations, oversees the implementation of support services, and ensures adherence to legal requirements. Health Care Assistants, who are on the frontline, providing compassionate care to individuals. They participate in ongoing training, apply safeguarding knowledge in their roles.

We also have supervisors who ensure staff adhere to safeguarding policies and are engaged in training sessions and provide feedback for continuous improvement in safeguarding practices. We have a Field Manager who monitors the application of safeguarding policies in the field, fosters relationships with local stakeholders and implements safety protocols. We are also recruiting for a Care Coordinator, who organises training schedules, communicates policy updates, manages documentation and verification of credentials, coordinates community engagement activities, and monitors risk assessment procedures.