Olam Care Services specialise in homecare and daily living assistance to enable you to continue living as independently as possible in the comfort of your own home.

We offer a wide range of services from a weekly one hour companionship visit to specialist nurse led care for more complex health needs.

Our objective is to provide a service that suits your needs and supports your independence.

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Safeguarding (ways of working)

Olam care employs several key principles to safeguard individuals, particularly vulnerable adults

Policy Development and Enforcement: Regularly updating comprehensive safeguarding policies.

Training and Awareness: We provide mandatory training and awareness campaigns.

Clear Reporting Mechanisms: We establish confidential reporting channels

Robust Recruitment Processes: We conduct thorough background checks and vetting.

Monitoring and Evaluation: We perform regular audits and gathering feedback.

Partnerships and Collaboration: We work with external organisations and the community.

Support Services: We offer counselling and emergency response plans.

Safe Environment: We ensure secure facilities and conducting risk assessments.

Legal Compliance: We adhere to laws and providing legal support.

Cultural Sensitivity: We develop inclusive policies and cultural competence training.

A Personalised Care Plan

We take the time to get to know you and develop a personalised care plan that fits your specific care needs. Whether you would like daily or weekly

assistance due to ageing, illness, recovery, or rehabilitation, our caregivers

will provide a service you can rely on. We can assist you in managing all of

your daily activities such as washing, dressing, cooking and the weekly

shopping. We can also assist with and provide 24-hour care all handled by our

trained team.

Our Caregivers

Olam Care Services is family-owned and treat all clients as though they were our own family. Our caregivers are all local, experienced and passionate about providing high-quality elderly and young people care services to each and every client. All of our caregivers are carefully matched to each of their clients through their interests and personalities, building trust and genuine friendships.

Our Client Friendly Organisation

We provide our services with professionalism combined with an appropriate level of warmth and kindness. We are regarded as a client friendly organisation and we are fair and honest with all those we

interact with, whether it is clients, their family and friends, other health

care professionals and all those we do business with.